Science Week

We have had a very exciting and inspiring Science week in school. The theme for Science week was about ‘changes.’ We have been encouraging children to think and investigate about the changes happening in the world around us; from seasons to climate, to materials and energy. The children have taken part in many science experiments within their science lessons as well as making cross-curricular links to other subjects.

The children also participated in an entertaining and dramatic Science assembly led by Dan the Scientist from Science Boffins. Dan made elephant toothpaste using hydrogen peroxide, saline solution, washing up liquid and food colouring, which caused a reaction from chemicals and the children themselves! Other experiments involved sliding a stick into a balloon without it popping, water disappearing from a cup and relighting a fire!

The lower key stage took part in a workshop; years 3 about plants and years 4 about animals (including humans).

Here are a few of the children’s thoughts about the day:

I enjoyed science week because our nature investigation was fun. We got to look around the quiet area and I found daisies, buttercups, 2 spiders and lots more. Daania 3J

I really enjoyed today. It was really exciting and fun. I found out lots of new things which I never knew. I really liked the workshop best. The man who came in was really funny which made it even more interesting. That’s why I want to also be a scientist when I grow up. I never found anything bad about it. Hadiya 4H

In the workshop we classified which diet animals have. Then we looked at the digestive system, I found it a bit gruesome. Also I liked the assembly. Jonty 4H

I really enjoyed our first few days of science week. I liked the space investigation and how things looked from space. My favourite thing on that day was to look at storm from space.  Mahdi 4M

Science week was really fun as we got to do really fun things; one of which was to make oobleck slime. I learnt that this is an utoniom liquid. We also had a scientist (who was a visitor) come in assembly and show us really fun experiments – he also showed us to be careful too. Overall science week was really fun! Pradeeshanna 6K

On the 24th May we had a scientist come to school and do lots of amazing experiments. We had an early assembly which was not nearly enough for so many cool experiments. My favourite thing about the assembly was that I got to learn new things and learn how to do eye catching tricks. It was very fun and I hope to see these amazing tricks again. Rayssa 6O

During science week we did experiments and learnt many things. We discussed how a rainbow forms, rainbows form when it is raining and sunny. We first did a rainbow experiment; we took semi-skimmed milk and poured it in a plate, next we put a few drops of food colouring in, someone dipped their finger in the detergent and touched the place where the drops were. All the colours were pushed to the rim! It was the best week ever, I wish we do this again. Shahzada 5C

A very well done to the finalist winners of the Create-an-origami competition:

Aziza 3P, Shifa 4M, Tommy 5S, Meyer 6O

These children have all worked extremely hard in using their engineering skills to produce such wonderful and delicate designs.  They should be very pleased with their creations!  We want to show you how origami is inspiring science activities.