School Council

The School Council officers recently visited the Houses of Parliament at the invitation of Richard Harrington MP.

The School Council Officers recently visited the Peace Hospice.

On our visit to the Peace Hospice I was really excited as I’d never been there before and I wanted to know about what type of things were inside the building.  When we reached there a lovely lady let us have a tour of the building and she told us one of the most important things there is the tree where people write the names of people who have passed away.  People also come to the Peace Hospice if they don’t have any families or they want to be counselled or receive a massage.  She also talked about the NIghtLight Walk in Cassiobury Park to raise money to keep the building going and we helped by making lantern bags for this event.  Each year they have to raise £4 000 000 just to keep going.       Fatimah Year 5