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The following clubs will be taking place in school this term.

Please make sure your child is collected promptly if they are attending an after-school club. Thank you.

Monday Game On – Tag Rugby
(places limited)
Years 3 & 4 12.40 -1.10pm
Game On Football Team
(places limited) starting 13/1/20
Year 6 3.20-4.30pm

Guitar Club
(places limited)
Whole School 11.00am 3.20pm
School Council – in 6K School Councillors 12.45-1pm
Every other week
Chess Club – in the Music room Whole School 12.40-1.10pm
East meets West Dance Club – in the Hall Whole School 12.40-1.10pm
Eco Club Eco Councillors 12.40-1.10pm
Every other week




Mindfulness – in Music Room Years 3 & 4 12.40-1.10pm
Game On – Dodgeball
(places limited)
Years 5 & 6 12.40 -1.10pm
Thursday Needlecraft Club  Whole School 12.40 – 1.10pm
Maths Club in 4D Whole School 12.40 – 1.00pm
(starting 16/1/20)
Whole School 3.20 -4.30pm
Game On Football
(places limited) start date TBC
Years 3,4 & 5 3.20 – 4.30pm
Friday Watford Gymnastics Gym Club – starting  10/1/20 Whole School 3.30 -4.15pm