Global Week

As part of our work towards the British Council School’s Full International Award, Chater Junior held a Global Week in June. We have been fortunate to have well established links with 4 schools abroad in China, Ghana and India.

During Global week children had the opportunity to celebrate and share the work they have done with their International School Partners, governors and their peers.

The children participated in a variety of activities throughout the week to appreciate the contribution of different cultures, values and beliefs to their lives.

The exciting activities included: My Culture day where the children dressed in their national costume or an outfit for the the day. The also shared their language as well as learning from others.

We were very lucky to have parents and one of our school governors teaching the children simple phrases from their language.

The children danced around the world Zumba style! They learnt a variety of dances from around the world through Zumba.

The HR team from Sainsburys also visited the school to talk to the children about Fairtrade products and why they are important. The children were also given a Fairtrade banana to eat!

The children had the opportunity to taste nearly 80 dishes from across the world. Children bought in traditional dishes from their culture.

Some parents demonstrated how to cook simple dishes from their culture. Thank you!

The children produced some fantastic Art work during Let’s Paint the World Day! Each year group looked at Art work from their link country and had the opportunity to produce their own version.

We had some fantastic displays in school!