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The national Mathematics curriculum is being taught throughout the school . Please see your child’s Class page to know what your child will be learning in Years 3 to 6. Mathematics is an essential tool in the workplace and in everyday life. The national Mathematics curriculum emphasises mathematical reasoning, fluency and problem solving. Children are expected to learn tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4. ‘Mental’ arithmetic is a high priority in the school – so too is the modelling and teaching of mathematical language. We are currently using the Herts for Learning Essential Maths Planning which is supported by the use of a variety of practical resources.

Handy Hints to help your child in Maths

As part of their Maths learning, children have been using fiction books in Maths lessons.  Some samples of work were sent to the Herts for Learning Maths team and they were very impressed with the quality of work produced.

Subsequently our Maths subject  leader Mrs Khindey was asked to write a blog about the impact of using fiction books in Maths lessons and this was shared as best practice with all schools across Hertfordshire.