Culture Week 2019

We have had an enjoyable week celebrating ‘Our Culture Week’ in school.  The children have participated in a variety of activities throughout the week to appreciate the contribution of different cultures, values and beliefs to their lives.

We had a fantastic African dance and Dhol Percussion workshop, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

The week ended with the children and staff wearing clothes from their culture; it was wonderful to see the array of cultures coming together and made us appreciate how lucky we are in our school.

A very big thank you to those parents who contributed dishes for our International food sale after school and those who helped.  It was incredible to see a variety of tasty savoury and sweet dishes.  We raised £106.40 for our school.


We were very lucky to have two parents from 3C to talk to the children about their culture.  Marley’s mum read a Greek Myth and David’s mum created a presentation about Romania.  3H had an enjoyable time learning to make roti(flat bread) with Khadijah’s mum

In culture week, I enjoyed the dance workshops because I learnt about a new culture. Also I enjoyed the drum workshop because I got to play drums from India.  I liked wearing my clothes from my culture on Friday.  What I also liked was sharing and talking about our culture. Zahra 3C

This week we have been learning about our different cultures, we had an African dance workshop and I enjoyed dancing to the music.  I enjoyed creating posters about our cultures and dressing up.  Anayah 3H


In culture week we have learnt about different cultures.  As part of culture week we created mosaics in Art.  We also did a drama workshop with a man called Johnny, who is a famous drummer.  He has even met the queen! We also did some funky dance moves to a song from Africa called Jambo Buana! On Friday  we wore clothes from our culture.  Abdul & Jamal 4D

Thomas’  Mum from 4J taught  the class Latin and Italian phrases. She brought in a booklet for everyone which included:

* Popular Latin phrases, for example, Carpe Diem which means seize the day

*Roman numerals 0-20 with Latin pronunciation as well as counting 0-20 in Italian (We noticed the similarities and compared them to other languages we know like French and Spanish). 

*Famous Italian inventors and Explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Antonio Meucci (who claimed he invented the telephone before Alexander Graham Bell) 

*Map of Italy which showed famous landmarks and traditional food/drink like pizza and latte 

Finally we got to taste Italian food like breadsticks and kinder Bueno.

We liked Celebrate our Culture Week because we had some African dancing. Our second best thing was dressing up. We also liked the drumming , it was so fun and loud! We also loved the food sale after school. Thank you Mrs Khindey.  Azka & Keziah 4J



I enjoyed the African dance workshop the most because it was fun and got me moving! It involved many easy movements which made nobody stop. I enjoyed culture week because it was different to a normal week but I learnt about other cultures.     David 5D

We had lots of fun this week because it was Celebrate our Culture Week! I think it has been my favourite week so far at Chater. I’ve enjoyed all the Celebrate our Culture weeks. On Tuesday two people came to our school; one of the man was a drummer, who has played to the queen 5 times (she knows him by his name). His name was Johnny! He taught us how to play the dhol and he played it himself (it was good and loud!).  After the dhol workshop, we learnt some “sick” African dance moves but we were very tired after the dancing!       Sashini 5Y


I loved culture week so much that it will be one of the things that I will most when I leave Chater. Tuesday was especially fun as we had the African dance  and Dhol percussion workshop. The African dancing was fun and exhausting but worth it! I couldn’t believe it when we found out that the dhol drummer has travelled around the world. 

The International food sale was amazing, yummy and I couldn’t believe it how many people came. 

I loved culture week so much that I wish we could it have every week! Aneeqa 6K 

I really enjoyed celebrate my culture week, especially the drum and dancing workshops. Everyone’s costumes were really good and I like learning about them. I also enjoyed talent assembly.   Esmae  6K