Culture Week 2018

We have had an enjoyable week celebrating ‘Our Culture Week’ in school.  The children have participated in a variety of activities throughout the week to appreciate the contribution of different cultures, values and beliefs to their lives.The week began with the children and staff wearing clothes from their culture; it was wonderful to see the array of cultures coming together and made us appreciate how lucky we are in our school.Some children also performed in our International talent assembly. There were a variety of impressive acts which included, dancing, teaching phrases from a variety of languages.

A very big thank you to those parents who contributed dishes for our International food sale after school; it was incredible to see a variety of tasty savoury and sweet dishes. We raised £72.50 for the charity WWF from the food sale.


We enjoyed dressing up during Celebrate our Culture week, we also loved learning about the different cultures in our class. We made posters about our own culture and shared these in class. Ayman & Mia 3J.

 I enjoyed culture week because I could share my culture with the class and listen to other peoples. My favourite activity was writing about my culture.         Rudy 3C


In 4H we kick started the week with wearing clothes from our culture. It was interesting to see what people from different parts of the world wear. We enjoyed telling each other cultural stories and singing songs. David & Aisha 4H.

I enjoyed dressing up day because I wore something from my culture, I also enjoyed listening to the other languages and songs. I learnt that in our school there are lots of people from different cultures. Mustafa 4K


In culture week 5M had Jasmine’s mum in  to talk to the children about her home country of Poland. She taught the children some phrases and shared some facts about her country, she also showed some pictures: of famous animals found in Poland and the Polish flag. The class also got to ask questions too.

As a class we looked at the poem from Barbados. It had a lot of information. Next, we were asked to draw a picture of what we visualised. It was amazing. Thank you for organising culture week Mrs Khindey! David 5M.

During culture week we were able to dress up in our own clothes that were important to our culture. For homework we were asked to create flags from our cultures which have been put up on display in our classroom. In our English lessons we have been looking at a poem from a different culture, we were asked to visualise what the poem was about and draw a picture to show this representation. We also created our own poems called Cinquains about our culture which have been made into a class book for people to read in our reading corner. In our PE lessons we also got to try Bollywood dancing as part of the warm up for our lesson. Culture week was really fun and we got to learn lots of new things about different cultures around the world. 


In 6H we did plenty- here is a whistle stop tour to our week!

In Maths we created some Islamic patterns. We had 4 boxes and we had to turn them into 1 pattern. We used simple shapes such as triangles, squares and so on.

Mrs Hibberd also told us about her culture. We found out her family come from Ireland. When she was our age she lived in Cork. In Gaelic ‘the language they speak in Ireland’, this is pronounced ‘Coreaigh’ with an Irish accent.

Our culture week was very interesting, I hope we have another one. Taimur 6H

Culture week was fun! On Monday we listened to cultural music and did Islamic patterns in Art. A few people in our class shared stories of their culture and did a small presentation. Sophia told us about her Welsh background and Maleeka did a presentation about a story from Islam.

We also had the opportunity to look at the International food sale, where people made dishes from their culture. In addition, we dressed up in clothes from our culture. It was a good week! Raheel & Ilina 6D.