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Chater Junior School

Curriculum Overview

At Chater Junior School our curriculum embodies our motto “Make Lives Better”. We weave six key concepts throughout our curriculum. As these concepts are interwoven through all of our subjects we refer to them as “Curriculum Threads”. We aim to provide a progressive, skills-focussed curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the Chater learner, ensuring that every pupil leaves our school with the best life chances.

Our curriculum threads and their relevant dual code can be seen below:

Curriculum Threads

Diversity and Adversity




Understanding and exploring representation from a range of social and ethnic backgrounds as well as gender and sexual orientation. Additionally, understanding the difficulties and challenges that individuals may face throughout their lifetime and how these can be overcome.


Equality and Equity



Exploring the difference between providing everyone with the same resources and opportunities and recognising that everyone has different circumstances and requires varied and personalised resources in order to achieve equal opportunities.





Exploring the deep satisfaction derived from an individual’s achievements and qualities and the impact this has on the resilience and determination applied to a task. Additionally the connection of pride to heritage and background.





Exploring historical and societal alterations and the motivation and impact of these as well as the concept of change throughout an individual’s life and how individuals cope with this.





Exploring the position and action of leadership, including the various states and qualities of being a leader, including varied representation of leaders.




Understanding and sharing the emotions of another individual. Importantly, pupils will differentiate between empathy and sympathy; feeling pity or sorrow for the feelings of another.



Our curriculum is centred on the Chater learner and teaching revolves around our four values; passion, resilience, collaboration and integrity. Our curriculum threads form the foundation of our curriculum and pupils receive repeated exposure to these every year. Through subject-specific skills, based on the National Curriculum, we build on previous learning to form a progressive journey of learning that represents the Chater pupil.

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed to keep up with the expectations of education and the needs of pupils.



We implement our curriculum through our mission to build resilient and passionate learners who collaborate ideas with integrity. Our curriculum, based on the National curriculum and our six curriculum threads provides a solid foundation.

Through assessment for learning we promote independent learners through high-level questioning, precise praise and skills-based feedback. Educational visits, involvement from visitors and parents as well as enrichment opportunities deepen pupils’ experience of learning. These learning experiences lead to pupils answering “big questions” at the end of each learning journey.



The impact of our curriculum is centred on producing learners who embody our school values. Pupils are passionate about education and embrace the opportunity to think critically, ask questions and take risks as independent learners.

Fundamentally, our curriculum ensures that pupils at Chater Junior School feel represented and as a result their engagement in learning is ignited and their attitude to learning is positive and one that continues.

Our curriculum is designed to create lifelong learners with a passion for education and in everything we do; make lives better.

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