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Chater Junior School

Curriculum Overview

The aim and purpose of what we do at Chater Junior School is to improve the lives of the children in our care, which is why we live by our motto of “Making Lives Better.”

As educators we feel passionately that we have all chosen to work in schools in order to give the children the best chance of succeeding.  This mirrors the concerns of our parent community.  Our children recognise the importance of their role in the world, they care about each other, their own chances of being a success and having an impact on the future of the world we live in. 

In September 2020 the staff team examined what values are important to them and to the children in the school.  After a process of reflection and discussion, the following four core values were agreed by staff as the values we want to impart to the children of Chater Junior School through our curriculum. These values are reviewed every year, to ensure that they are still relevant for the school community.

  1. Passion
  2. Collaboration
  3. Integrity
  4. Resilience

Living by these four values will enable us to make the lives of the children better.  The children in our school in turn understand these four values and seek to live by them in their own personal behaviour and attitudes. 

We have created a curriculum which is designed to meet the needs of our children and to promote our four core values. We want to create children who are passionate about learning and life, collaborate with others, are people of integrity and have the resilience to face the challenges the world throws at them.  

 Interconnected Curriculum

Our curriculum recognises that learning is interconnected, children learn best when they can make connections across subjects.  To enable our children to make these connections we seek to provide opportunities for learning to be placed in its wider context and ensure that long term memory is built over time.  Our units of work enable children to broaden their understanding of the world they live in, wherever possible we link these to the books that children learn throughout the year.

Curriculum Threads

At Chater Junior School we weave six key concepts throughout our curriculum. As these concepts are interwoven into all of our subjects we refer to them as “Curriculum Threads” Each of these Curriculum Threads is revisited year upon year and built on through different approaches within the curriculum content, thus developing mastery of each. Our threads and their relevant dual code can be seen below:


Diversity and Adversity




Understanding and exploring representation from a range of social and ethnic backgrounds as well as gender and sexual orientation. Additionally, understanding the difficulties and challenges that individuals may face throughout their lifetime and how these can be overcome.


Equality and Equity



Exploring the difference between providing everyone with the same resources and opportunities and recognising that everyone has different circumstances and requires varied and personalised resources in order to achieve equal opportunities.





Exploring the deep satisfaction derived from an individual’s achievements and qualities and the impact this has on the resilience and determination applied to a task. Additionally the connection of pride to heritage and background.





Exploring historical and societal alterations and the motivation and impact of these as well as the concept of change throughout an individual’s life and how individuals cope with this.





Exploring the position and action of leadership, including the various states and qualities of being a leader, including varied representation of leaders.




Understanding and sharing the emotions of another individual. Importantly, pupils will differentiate between empathy and sympathy; feeling pity or sorrow for the feelings of another.


 Long Term Maps


Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6