Disability Awareness Day

On Wednesday 8th October we had a Disability Awareness Day with two visitors, Chris and Seb, from the charity Enable Me. Chris talked to all the children about his life and living independently; the children asked lots of questions and were very interested. Chris organised debates in Years 5 and 6 on issues about disability. Seb taught all of the children how to play seated basketball, a great game which we will use again in PE lessons. The children also took part in art activities redesigning the Disability logo as well as quizzes about the Paralympics and disability. A great day!

Some comments from the children:

“From this day I learnt that in disable don’t think about the ‘dis’ but the ‘able’.”

“Today was an amazing day! I’m going to not only appreciate people with disabilities more but also give them credit for being strong”

“I’m going to take the ‘never give up’ message from Chris and I’m never going to give up!”

“I have learnt that disabled people can do anything only if they try and set their mind onto it. I will take away the things that are really important like be proud of who you are and really work hard for what you want to achieve in life”