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Year 6

Welcome to 6O and 6K

Our class teachers are Mrs Mrs Olyett (6O) and Mrs Khindey (6K)

In Science we have been learning about classification.  We went to Cassiobury park to learn about why is it important to classify living things. We also had the opportunity to find and identify living things using a key.  Thank you to Tabitha for making our Science field trip an enjoyable one!

In Design and Technology last term we worked hard making our cosy cushions.


We have been trying out silk painting in our Art lessons, and have linked our Art topic, Sense of Place with our History topic of the Mayans.  We hope you like the results!

In Science we have been learning about the functions of blood.  To help us remember important scientific facts such as: what does artery, vein and capillary mean as well as why blood is important and how it is pumped around our bodies we made games. It was great fun making and playing them and we hope you think so too!

In History this term we are learning all about the Mayans and we have taken part in several workshops to find out more about the Mayan culture.