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Year 5

Welcome to 5C and 5S

Our class teachers are Mrs Crabtree (5C) and Mr Schwab (5S)

5C enjoyed their trip to the River Gade in Cassiobury Park.  They learnt about the river and the canal system.  They also discovered the flow rate and the rivers’ profile!.  They particularly enjoyed getting into the river although walking back to school with wet feet was not quite so enjoyable!


Year 5 enjoyed their recent trip to Hazard Alley in Milton Keynes.  Here they learnt how to be safe in many different situations, these included road safety and what to do in an emergency such as fire or drowning.  They also learnt how to be safe online and how to avoid danger when out at night.


Last term in Design and Technology we were enjoyed designing and making our own bread.


We have been inspired by the paralympian ‘I can…’ attitude.  We have used it to inspire us to succeed at something that we find difficult.