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Year 4

Welcome to 4H and 4M

Our class teachers are Mrs Hoyer Jarvie (4H) and Miss Morris (4M)

4H recently visited Watford Museum.  We learnt more about the museum itself and Watford’s history and handled artefacts and discussed their purpose.


On Tuesday 10th January the Geography round of the Challenge Cup was held here at Chater and organised by Miss Morris.  Four children were chosen to take part; Amri and Vethurshan from 4M and Raheel and Basima from 4H.  They had to create an island of their choice, give it a name, design a flag,  think of a currency their island could use, a language and possible trade opportunities for their island.  They did very well and have received a certificate for their efforts.


We have been looking at the Paralympics. As part of our research we have created fact files about individuals and their sport. We have also created this display for the dining hall.

In Science we have learnt about healthy and balanced diet and created food plates, in addition to this we have been looking at the human skeleton and its different bones.


There are angles everywhere.  We went outside and found angles around us as well as creating our own acute, obtuse or right angles.