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Year 3

Welcome to 3J and 3P

Our class teachers are Miss Jefford (3J) and Miss Perry (3P)

In June we visited Wenzels bakery. We had to wear an apron and hair net for hygiene purposes.  We had great fun, making the dough, kneading the bread and shaping the bread.  Then we decorated gingerbread men and cupcakes.

Year 3 took part in an Egyptian Workshop recently.  During the morning, there were lots of fun activities including making canopic jars, mummies, pendants, oil lamps and many more interesting things!  In the afternoon, they hosted an Egyptian banquet, acted out Egyptian plays, told the future with the Apis bull, created a dance about the River Nile and told entertaining stories.  The pharaoh and his queen were waited on by the lead slave and fanned by the royal fan bearer.


In our History lessons we have been learning about the Stone, Iron and Bronze ages.  We visited Chiltern Open Air Museum to find out more.  We tried to make butter and learnt how man hunted for Boar, not just for food but for the fur to keep warm.  We also tried making some pottery and weaving baskets.


We have been learning about the Paralympics.  We wore ear defenders to see what it would be like to have a hearing impairment.  Then we wore a blind fold and played a ball game.  The ball had a bell in it so we had to listen carefully so that we could catch the ball.

In Science we have been studying Rocks.  We have enjoyed finding out about the different types of rock.