Black and Asian History Month

We have had a busy month celebrating Black and Asian History Month in school.  The children have participated in a number of activities to learn about the positive contributions that black and asian people have made to world history.

The children participated in an African experience day; Chief Suleman Chebe talked about life in Ghana and the importance of Black History Month.  In addition, children learnt about African culture through a number of activities learning African drumming, dancing, playing a traditional African game and listening to some fantastic stories!

Here are a few of the children’s thoughts about the day:

My favourite part of the workshop was when we played a game with seeds. It was fun because I learnt a new game so I could teach other people. Emily 6O.

It was an extraordinary day! Chief Suleman told us a couple of stories  which were very entertaining and all had amazing morals.  He also let us play an African game- it was so much fun! I absolutely loved the workshop.  Pradeeshanna 6K.

I enjoyed listening to the story of how Anansi lost the fur on his legs.  Also I enjoyed playing a traditional African game.  Babita 5S.

I liked Sami’s African drumming and dancing workshop because I learnt how to play a good beat and a good song.  I liked Chief Suleman’s story about Kohali.  Taimur 4M.

We all took part in a drumming workshop for celebrating Black and Asian History month.  We all sat down and had our own drums to tap on.  First we went round and we got to make our own drum rhythm and the Chief said ‘Year 4’s have got talent!’.  He showed us how the people from Ghana said well done but it wasn’t clapping it was say “ooh, ooh, ooh” . Tayyibah 4H

In the African dance part of the workshop we learnt a dance but we also added our own moves so we had lots of fun.  Talal 3P.

I really liked the drum workshop it was really fun.  I would like to do it again. Sabrina 3J.

We were also very lucky to have some parents come in and talk about their culture with us and we would like to thank you for your support.