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Eco School

The Eco Reps have already been busy with Miss Morris this term.  They have started their first task ‘What’s under your feet?’.  This is run throughout the year, for one week in Autumn, Spring and Summer where the reps dig in the garden area to find insects and record what they find.  They  will also carry out a bird survey. This data is sent off to scientists to use.  Other schools will also take part and this gives the scientists an idea on animal movement across the country.

Coming up ……

Switch Off fortnight – 14th-25th November. We will monitor the energy/electricity used in school for two weeks.

Waste week – 6th-10th March. We will try to reduce the waste created around school, including paper and food waste.

We recently had some repair work carried out on our willow ‘twigloo’ in the playground.  As you can see it really does look fantastic again!


Chater Junior School’s Eco Committee, which first met in the Summer Term 2008, is made up of pupils from each class, staff, a volunteer and a governor. We received the Bronze Award in July 2008 and the Silver Award in the April 2009. We have made up an Eco Code which covers some of the areas from our Action Plans. Everyone come and help Clean up litter – put it in the bin Caring for our planet, composting fruit waste Helping to make habitats for minibeasts Attracting birds to our school Turning off taps, lights and computers Everyone can enjoy fresh vegetables from the garden Recycle paper, reduce our waste!

In November 2012 our new ‘Eco Warriors’ visited Homebase in Watford to buy plants to put in our planters around the school.